Absolute Beginners Course

Welcome to our absolute beginners course in Kickboxing!

Course Starts Monday 26th July @ 6pm

Every Monday and Wednesday @ 6pm for six weeks.

Time to Fight for your Fitness

We've been teaching Martial Arts in Evesham for over a decade now. In that time we've seen hundreds of Adults come through our doors, all looking for similar things. Fitness, Self Defence, fun, and a sense of belonging are just some of the things we offer!

We're Evesham's premier Martial Arts Academy, and as such can offer:

  • Fun and effective training methods.

  • Professional Black Belt Instructors
  • A huge range of classes
  •  The latest kit and equipment
  • Fully matted training areas

About us

Established in 2009, Apex Martial Arts Academies (formally Evesham Martial Arts) is Worcestershire's largest Martial Arts Academy. Focusing on Taekwon-do, Boxing and Kickboxing, we're passionate about getting your fit, health and able to defend yourself, all whilst having loads of fun! 

What do our Classes look like?

Check out the video to see what we do!

Your Instructors

Ben England

Head Instructor

✅5th Degree Black Belt
✅National Team Coach
✅Former World Champ
✅26 Years Training

Adam Boycott

Programme Director

✅Apex MA's first Black Belt
✅Pro Boxer
✅3rd Degree Black Belt
✅England Kickboxing Member

So what is the ABC Kickboxing Course?

Our Absolute Beginners Course in Kickboxing is a perfect introduction into the exciting sport of Kickboxing. Being in a class with other complete beginners means we can teach the basics in an informative and exciting way, whilst still making sure you get a sweat on!

Boxing Basics

Boxing is simple to understand, difficult to master! We'll teach you the basics of stance, footwork, defence and of course punching. All of our coaches are qualified through the Hatton Boxing Academy, and are ready to lead you through our course.


On top of being qualified Boxing Coaches, our instructors are also Taekwon-do black belts and competitive kickboxers. Learn how to kick, when to kick, and how to blend with your boxing. 

Fitness & Fun

The vast majority of our students train for fitness and for fun, so thats what you'll get! Classes are relaxed, yet tough. Our aim is for you to leave the room sweating from head to toe, and with a smile on your face!

Twice a week

Thats twelve classes! Monday and Wednesday at 6pm, every week for six weeks. 

All the gear...

And we'll give you an idea. Get your wraps, boxing gloves and shin pads on arrival so you're ready to go!

All worth more than £125!

But you can join our six week course for just £47!

Join Now!

Are you ready? Six weeks of ass kicking classes, top quality boxing gloves, shin pads and more! 

Package deal


Six weeks of classes
All the kit you need
Heaps of fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the classes?

Every Monday a& Wednesday at 6pm, starting Monday 26th July. You can do both classes!

Where are the classes?

Apex Martial Arts Academy is just off Port Street on Shor Street, full address is:

Apex Martial Arts Academy
Unit 1-2, 31 The Leys
WR11 3AP

What happens after the six weeks?

You'll be able to join our regular kickboxing classes! We even offer Ladies Only classes.

Is the course for men and women?

Absolutely! All are welcome as long as you're 14+.

Will I get hurt?

All physical activity carries an element of risk. However no one is going to punch you in the face during the course! If you choose to join our regular classes later on, we have separate classes for those who wish to fight.

I'm very unfit! Can I join?

Everyone is welcome to take the classes at their own pace, and we can always accommodate those who are struggling. Don't wait to get fit before joining, you get fit BY joining!